What is mobile attribution and why it’s important to marketers

Mobile attribution is essentially the science of determining which marketing channels and campaigns drove a certain user action like installing an app, making a purchase, or completing a game level on a mobile device. It creates bridges between different platforms such as an ad seen on the desktop that led to an application download on a tablet device. This allows mobile marketers to see where a prospect came from as it records the very first attribution data point.

Choosing the right mobile attribution platform depends on your specific needs and goals. Some factors to consider include the platform’s tracking capabilities, integration with other marketing tools, data privacy compliance, reporting features, and customer support. It’s also important to consider the platform’s scalability and whether it can support your business as it grows. Mobile attribution allows developers to bridge the gap between users and apps to collect critical information. This data can then be used to optimize the user experience, ads, and marketing campaigns.

Empower Your Marketing Efforts Through Mobile App Attribution

Power-up omnichannel success and make connected TV a performance channel.

  • Using this, marketers can track ads that users last clicked on before making an app installation.
  • It’s also important to consider the accuracy of the attribution data and whether it’s helping you achieve your marketing goals.
  • It’s also one of the most crucial components in your marketing growth stack.
  • This takes a fraction of a second but is a key step; it’s how the attribution provider receives the first data point – the user interacting with the ad.
  • The attribution partner is a third-party that tracks which user saw the ad, and whether they responded to the ad by installing the advertised app.

Machine learning can also automate the attribution process, saving time and resources. To get the most value out of your attribution data, you’ll need to partner with an attribution provider. Working with a mobile app attribution provider like Adjust enables you to make well-informed business decisions in real time. For these reasons, we’ll explain how attribution works through the lens of an Adjust client. Traditional attribution models, like single-touch and multi-touch, have been used for years to measure marketing effectiveness.

Top Mobile Attribution Platforms (

Optimizing the user experience of your app is crucial for its success, and the best way to do so is by collecting data on how users interact with it. While regular analytic tools do a good job, there’s an even better way now. A software development kit (SDK) allows apps to communicate with Adjust’s servers. App developers integrate the SDK into their app’s code, much like if they had a car and a manufacturer gave them a new part for a bit of an upgrade. This creates a line of communication between the app and Adjust, through which we can provide attribution data in real-time.

what is mobile attribution

They often oversimplify the customer’s path to conversion, failing to capture the complexity of real-world interactions. More sophisticated attribution approaches are needed as customer journeys involve multiple channels and stages. These are just a few ways in which mobile attribution can help you take on your market(s) of choice — irrespective of vertical, region or resources. The overall value of mobile attribution comes down to your understanding of what happens under the hood. Your engine may be running smoothly, but a detailed reportage of how users are being acquired and how they behave after install is imperative to UA optimization.

What is Mobile App Attribution? A Must-Read Guide

Attribution windows are an essential tool for helping advertisers and publishers understand when a conversion takes place. Often there’s a gap between the exposure to an advertisement and the install. During this gap a number of engagements with ads can take place, making the matching process critical for accurate attribution. Mobile attribution platforms provide an array of advanced features and capabilities for tracking and measuring the performance of mobile marketing campaigns, including user acquisition, retention, and engagement. A mobile attribution platform is a tool that helps app developers track and analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns.

what is mobile attribution

And while ongoing changes from industry leaders have disrupted the normal flow of things – innovative industry experts are already providing useful solutions. Mobile Attribution monitors and measures a user’s activity on marketing channels through a mobile device. A state-of-the-art mobile DSP can provide comprehensive options to target the most relevant audience precisely.

Multi-touch attribution

Branch offers several tools as an MMP – including an engagement builder, SKAN support, fraud protection, and cost aggregation. They also have a “SafeTrack” feature, which helps remove the burden of privacy compliance from marketers. Time-decay attribution – also a type of multi-touch attribution – allows marketers to assign increasing value to more recent touches while less weight is given to earlier touches. This will enable advertisers to focus on high conversion-driving touch points, which often influence decision-making. The ultimate purpose of any business is to drive revenue and user acquisition. In the mobile advertising industry, an engagement rate above 1% is typically considered good.

By identifying which campaigns are driving the most engagement and revenue, companies can optimize their messaging and targeting to improve performance in real time. Device fingerprinting connects a user from click to app install by extracting basic and imperfectly unique information from device headers, such as the IP address. This works by sending a user to a tracking link and collecting the device’s publicly accessible HTTP headers. After installation, the SDK collects data points and sends them to the platform. This allows it to generate the fingerprint from the install and track clicks with the matching fingerprint, with the last click attributing the install. It takes some time and consideration to find the right attribution partner, especially considering there are so many options and there isn’t a single standard in the mobile marketing space.

Web attribution vs. mobile attribution

Using mobile attribution enables businesses to optimize their marketing efforts, improve their user acquisition, and increase their overall revenue. Multi-touch attribution gives the marketer a complete picture of the consumer journey by laying out equal credit values for each step. Instead of just one advertisement, it recognizes users’ interactions with advertising channels throughout their journey.

what is mobile attribution

Using the platforms, brands gain insights into user engagement, conversion rates, and other key metrics and are able to optimize their marketing strategies as well as increase their return on investment. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future. An accurate analysis of historical data is a prerequisite for business success. Building a winning paid marketing strategy is especially important because it involves cost – companies cannot remain in business without turning a profit. Given that global digital ad spend was around $378 billion in 2020 alone, marketers must identify the best working channels and campaigns to improve return and profitability within a limited budget.

With no paywalls or add-ons, their pricing is based on monthly active users, letting you scale up predictably. The genius of Multi-Touch Attribution lies in its distribution of credit. Instead, it uses established rules or algorithms to assign credits, offering a more nuanced understanding of the role How To Create A Crypto Exchange To Launch Your ​​startup played by each touchpoint. First Touch Attribution lends excellent insights into how users discover your app. It’s not about onboarding users but bringing in users who engage, stick around, and make purchases. If you’re looking to implement a mobile attribution funnel, Mighty Digital is here to help.

Top Mobile App Attribution Tools

An MMP helps marketers to recognize which media source deserves credit for triggering a conversion because it is the only party with a neutral perspective of the entire consumer journey. This enables marketers to make well-informed budget allocation decisions. Mobile attribution is a process used in digital marketing and mobile app analytics to track and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and user interactions with mobile applications. It involves identifying and attributing specific actions, such as app installations or conversions, to the marketing channels or campaigns that led users to take those actions.

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