Business Process Automation: The Ultimate Guide

bpa meaning business

Learn how the HR department at leading telecommunications company Sky was able to deliver more efficient services for its 25,000 employees by leveraging automation. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform includes all the tools needed to share automation across teams and implement enterprise-wide automation. An Ansible Playbook is a blueprint of automation tasks, which are IT actions executed with limited manual effort across an inventory of IT solutions.

bpa meaning business

Examples of business process automation

At present, we are experiencing the emergence of robotic process automation (RPA), which allows automation via a user interface. This simplifies the use of automation for more and more businesses across a wider spectrum of industries. All of these systems are encompassed under the larger umbrella which is business process automation. Business process automation (BPA) is letting technology take repetitive yet necessary tasks out of your hands. In the bare basics, this would mean that you can have a task, or business process, completed without your involvement.

Review how your processes fit into the bigger picture

As you are probably aware, some employees will stray if they think they’ve discovered a better method. Employee A may invoice by checking the original contract for how much the customer owes. Employee B may simply call their contact in the sales department to have them check on how much the customer has to pay. Employee C might reference the database of past invoices as they know this customer bpa meaning business is billed monthly and assumes it’s for the same amount every time. With that being said, it’s understandable that employees sometimes make mistakes if their jobs involve certain operations without standardized workflows. Countless companies have already succeeded at using automation to dramatically increase the ROI of other tech solutions and the efficiency of employees who use them.

Identify opportunities for improvement

Neither incident ends well, especially if it’s a mistake that can occur more than once. This is a good example of how, even if you’re able to resolve the problem without anyone losing money, the “cost” may hurt your company’s reputation, which is incredibly valuable. They represent amazing opportunities to not only eliminate the chances of damage caused by human error but to also streamline your processes even further. From the humble gimlet that allowed early carpenters to create perfect holes in wood to advanced software that helps modern companies track international logistics. Engagements with our strategic advisers who take a big-picture view of your organization, analyze your challenges, and help you overcome them with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

bpa meaning business

Zapier quick-start guide

Small- and medium-sized businesses often accrue debt because of uncontrolled overhead that simply snuck up on them. Automation is unrivaled for protecting your company against worst-case-scenario losses, but it’s just as effective at cutting down on overhead that collects every single day. One of the best ways to remove the kinds of widespread bottlenecks that are holding back teams, departments, or even your entire company is through automation. Imagine what your company would be capable of if it increased productivity by 20%. All you have to do is clear out any structural bottlenecks that are keeping your employees from reaching their full potential.

Streamline your workflows with business automation

  • You can use BPA to streamline and optimize processes for everything from sales and marketing to HR, compliance, training, and beyond.
  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform includes all the tools needed to share automation across teams and implement enterprise-wide automation.
  • Business process automation revolves around several key concepts and components that work together to streamline your business operations.
  • The various RPA platforms then harden these basic programs so they can’t be changed in the application layouts and workflows.
  • Perhaps they can audit account reconciliation, add important context to monthly financial reports, or focus on providing you with other helpful insights.
  • At its core, BPA is about using technology like contract management software to perform routine business processes with minimal human intervention.
  • Business process automation (BPA) is the use of advanced technology to complete business processes with minimal human intervention.

As important as accounts receivable is, it’s also full of repetitive tasks that are particularly vulnerable to mistakes. Enable the teams closest to your business processes to evolve and transform how your organization gets things done. Laserfiche has plenty of resources to help you find the right process automation platform and learn how to get the most out of the one you choose. It’s common for organizations to apply BPA as part of a digital transformation strategy, in order to streamline their workflows and operate more efficiently. In the manual approach, process experts typically interview subject experts and users to create a process map. The automated approach uses technologies, like process mining, process capture, and process intelligence, to create a similar result.

  • These are mere examples, as BPA can take many forms for many specific businesses industry-wide.
  • This allows for faster workflows with a better-streamlined focus on menial work.
  • Presumably, you’re not relying on someone to literally update the books.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) are all built on cloud technology.
  • Instead, they make sure that processes are just a series of objective steps for employees to complete one-by-one through a template they can monitor.


  • The study revealed that on average, workers spend more than 142 minutes each day on administrative tasks, paperwork, and data entry.
  • Compared to a simple task management platform, BPA helps you create, control, and manage complex workflows at scale.
  • Make your business more efficient and cost-effective while keeping employees and customers happy.
  • In the manual approach, process experts typically interview subject matter experts and business users to construct a process map.
  • It’s better for your profit margins, better for your shareholders and the board, and can even play a role in boosting employee morale.
  • Scheduling social media posts and analyzing engagement data through automation tools maintains a consistent online presence.

So, whether you apply business process analysis tools informally, or you formally audit processes quarterly or annually, it should be a fundamental part of your business function. Replacing humans with machines to handle repetitive tasks saves time and reduces errors. To do this, businesses must carefully define the steps in their processes and subject them to limited interpretation.

Most projects you work on will result in a number of manual tasks that need to be created, otherwise known as dependencies. While some teams use automation to create better to-do lists, others prefer methods such as Kanban boards or Gantt-chart like timelines. Whatever method you prefer, automation can assist in the creation of these tasks and even the closure of tasks in some cases. Create templates in Asana for recurring processes and easily update them with every business process analysis. Most business processes benefit from continuous improvement, but there are situations where a BPA is more helpful than others.

bpa meaning business

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

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